Friday, November 11, 2011

163.4? Really?

So I gained .2 lbs this week, even though I was perfect on Weight Watchers and worked out a ton. Crazy!

Oh well, it's a new week, and I can't dwell on the past, right?

At least I did well with working out:

Jog/walks: 3
Weights: 2
Yoga: 0

I need to step it up with the yoga, clearly.

I ran into my ex-boyfriend twice this week, which was both good and bad. (Did I mention we live in the same building?) I also found out that a family member of my ex-husband has incurable cancer.

All in all, I am not loving November. It's a 3 day weekend this weekend and well, weekends are tough for me. I miss my ex a lot. I should probably give him a name, so let's go with Charlie.

I really, really miss Charlie. But I still have hope for us, even though perhaps it isn't wise to have hope.

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